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Mr. Autofire Characters (placeholder)

We create old school games with deep mechanics

Mr. Autofire is proof they still make them like they used to. With added punch.

Mr Autofire - Get Ready to blast!
Mr Autofire - Defeat the bosses!
Mr Autofire - Unlock new worlds!
Mr Autofire - Play events, win rewards!
Mr Autofire

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If you have a question about Mr Autofire the best way to contact us is through the game. Just launch the app go to Settings and then click the Help button to reach out to the team. We also have an FAQ page that might be able to answer your quetion too. Alternatively you can also reach out to our support team online by using our Submit A Report contact form.

If you have a topic that is related to Lightheart as a company, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us! You can reach out to us on LinkedIn.